Next Update: v4.1 Edit

v 4.1, introducing the new hero Riley, is expected to be released "early July 2017". The developers say:

"We spent a lot of time reading through all of your Global Conflict feedback and based on your suggestions, we are making the following changes:

• Increased shield timers based zone difficulty • More zones to attack for higher Battle Power match ups • Global Conflict reward balancing • Wider variety of base layouts • Adjusted Global Conflict leaderboards to account for more active match ups

Some changes were too extensive to get in on this update, but we plan to continue improving on Global Conflict . . .

In addition to these changes, we are working on the following improvements and fixes:

• Side bar overlap on Android version 4.3 and earlier • Reverting Alliance Support to previous version • Memory issues on iOS and Android causing game crashes"

Current Version: 4.0 "Global Conflict" Edit

Developers' description of v4.0:

Conquer the World in the Massive Global Conflict Mode!

  • Join players to battle for control of and hold territories in every corner of the globe!
  • The more areas your team controls, the higher your team’s score, and the more Heroes you have, the more territories you can claim.
  • Watch your Heroes engage in epic 3D battles as they conquer and hold enemy zones!
    • The stronger your Heroes, the greater the buff they give to your GC Base. Level and Prestige your Heroes to watch them annihilate enemy attackers!
  • Participating in GC earns Cryptokeys to spend in the Black Market
    • Spend Cryptokeys to earn exclusive items including Wildcards, Prestige Skins, Calling Cards, and more!

Prestige Mode comes to Heroes!

  • Prestige your Heroes to make them even more powerful!
    • Play Global Conflict to earn Prestige XP for your Heroes!
    • Each Prestige Level unlocks new Wildcard slots.
    • Wildcards are unique and offer special bonuses to your Heroes. Equip them to increase your Hero’s stats and even power up your Killstreaks!
    • Prestiging also unlocks epic Prestige Skins that improve Heroes stats!

New and Improved Inventory and Mail System!

  • Revamped the usability of the Inventory to make item selection easier and quicker.
  • Added an all new Mail System to receive news, announcements, and gifts.

4.0 Upgrade Gift

  • Enjoy a gift pack in your Inventory of a Wildcard and a Prestige Tokens!

Other Improvements

  • Improved Alliance War Matchmaking
    • Decreased gap in Alliance War Strength by increasing search time and decreasing required battle power difference.
  • Improved textures and visuals.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

Looking further ahead v4.1 - introducing Riley the dog as the next hero - is expected to be released in June/July 2017.

Older Versions Edit

v3.2 Edit

  • 6 Feb 2017
  • Prestige league levels 2 & 3 added
  • 3rd skill for Soap: Barrier Breaker: Increase damage on walls within AoE
  • 3rd skill for Harper: Kinetic Energy Missile: Damage + residual EMP (unlocked 14 Mar 2017)
  • Increased the Player Level cap to 120. (With exclusive Avatar Icons)
  • New Outrider 'Cupid' Skin (Unlocked for Valentine’s Day)
  • New Menendez’s 'Pirate' Skin (Unlocked for St Patrick's Day)
  • New community submitted Events (Straight flush, No retreat)
  • Added flags for Romania, Lebanon, Jordan, Ecuador
  • Separated Alliance Support and Alliance Chat into two separate windows
  • Paid option to rename Alliance
  • In addition to Commanders, Captains can now write in the Alliance message box
  • Added icons and countdown timers for Survival and Challenge Mode events

v3.1 Edit

  • 13 Dec 2016
  • CC Level 12
  • Flamethrower Turret!
  • White Christmas theme with Snow and Holiday Decorations on the Factory Base
  • Alliance War Events
  • Added Skillpoints as possible drops in Challenge Mode.
  • Added UI to indicate stats of Zombies that spawn from the Zombie Drop Pod.
  • Added Push Notification to Challenge Mode when the reset refreshes.
  • Added Push Notification when Survival Mode timer reaches max free attempts.
  • Added Push Notification when a free supply drop is available.
  • Added an additional confirmation pop-up when switching between Game Center or Google Play accounts on multiple devices.

v3.0 Edit

  • "Infinite Warfare" edition 3 Nov 2016
  • New hero Eth.3n
  • New hvy mech unit Zombie Drop Pod
  • New troop unit FTL Trooper
  • Lunar base theme
  • Price spacesuit skin

v2.9 Edit

  • 17 Oct 2016
  • New Challenge mode bases
  • Grim Reaper hero skin

V2.8 Edit

  • 19 Sep 2016
  • New Perks: Hangar detection range, troop rate of fire, build/upgrade rates
  • Alliance improvements
  • 2 week league shield added to vault

v2.7 Edit

  • 15 Aug 2016
  • Autotrain expended troops/units
  • EMP Mines added
  • Zombies added to Survival mode

v2.6 Edit

  • 28 Jun 2016
  • New hero Menendez
  • Survival mode reboot
  • Harper Uncle Sam skin

v2.5 Edit

  • 23 May 2016
  • New unit: Hunter Tank
  • 30v30 Alliance Wars
  • Hero level extended to lvl 40
  • Price Cowboy skin

v2.4 Edit

  • 20 Apr 2016
  • Challenge mode added ( kudos to player "bilwhip" who invented it )
  • New Perk system

v2.3 Edit

  • 7 Mar 2015
  • CC lvl 11 added
  • Auto-tracking mine
  • Auto restock available for mines, bunkers & Hangars
  • Ghost Leprechaun skin

v2.2 Edit

  • 1 Feb 2015
  • Additional levels in Survival
  • UI improvements
  • Shield cooldown reduced from x3 to x2 length of shield
  • Able to sell inventory items ( 1 ¢el each )
  • Alliance cap increased from 25 to 30
  • Training time reductions added to helipad items
  • Player level cap now 110

v2.1 Edit

  • 9 Dec 2015
  • New hvy mech unit: Quad Tank
  • Alternate hero skins introduced

v2.0 Edit

  • Black Ops 3 edition 5 Nov 2016
  • New heroes Reaper & Outrider
  • New hvy mech unit: Siege bot
  • Alternate base themes added: Singapore & Cairo
  • Revised hero UI
  • Revised UI colour scheme
  • New stat system (DPS)

v1.10 Edit

  • 22 Sep 2015

v1.9 Edit

  • 27 Aug 2015
  • New hero: Gideon
  • New Inventory system
  • League bonus added for every PVP win
  • PvP matchmaking now based on reputation score

v1.8 Edit

  • Advanced Warfare edition 9 Jul 2015
  • New ATLAS (aka heavy mech) facility and research centre
  • New Atlas units: Goliath & Warbird
  • Added FULL & EMPTY labels for hangars and bunkers
  • Copy base option added
  • News feed addedd

v1.7 Edit

  • 18 Jun 2015
  • Dragonfires nerfed

v1.6 Edit

  • 5 May 2015

v1.5 Edit

  • 22 Mar 2015

v1.4 Edit

  • 1 Mar 2015

v1.3 Edit

  • 28 Jan 2015

v1.2 Edit

  • 17 Dec 2014

v1.1 Edit

  • Initial global release 26 Nov 2014

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